Øvre Espedal Microadventure

By the fireStop distractionAfter getting off the ferry at OanesRoad side food stopRoad side food stopOn the ferry
Ferry to Oanes from LauvikSimon Leo and Steve on the ferryLooking at the Lysefjord bridgeHeading towards Øvre EspedalCampsiteLeo at the campsite
In the tentLate evening chillLate evening feedThe lake we camped next toIsa, Leo and SteveFamily portrait
Leo relaxing while we packAround the lakeHeading backHeading back before the rain started

We thought we'd try to do a bit of cycle touring with Leo as a practice for our summer holiday. We cycled about 70km (via a ferry) to a lovely camping spot with our friend Steve. Even though it was cold Leo loved it. Life was looking up!


Our old house on Lamma is now a school

In keeping with the pedagogic and altruistic flavour of our old house, it has been turned into a rather lovely school for twelve 3-5 year olds.


More sounds of HK

We went in to town today and recorded some of the many noises of HK.You can listen to all of them through this small mp3 player.

We've been getting a lot of rain this month


The frogs in Yung Shue Long Valley

After the first big rains of the year the frogs start to get all excited and the noise at night is almost deafening. Some of the frogs are tree frogs, the others hide in the reeds.

Yung Shue Long Valley

There are two recordings above. The first is of the high pitched cacophony, the second all the big deep frogs. Click to enjoy.


A view of Lantau from the ferry


Lamma ferry pier and HK harbour by night

My second attempt at HDR. Three blended exposures. It's OK, but not much better than just a normal shot....I think it's the wrong kind of thing to do HDR on. You need detail in different lights for it to really add to the photo.
Anyway it's Lamma ferry pier so that's nice enough!!
HK Night - HDR


Lamma - Tung O Village

Here'a great little house near Tung O beach at the other end of Lamma. I just love the roof. It's incredible that people really live like this, 3km from HK. The path actually goes through their house, and you have to ride your bike past several old men playing Mahjong, with all the tiles clacking on the tables, old ladies shuffling about. And that roof on top of it all!! The village itself is about 4 houses and chaos everywhere, bits of rusting iron, umbrellas, guttering, no air con and lots of grannies.
Lamma - Tung O Village